What you need to know about plantar fasciitis (And what most podiatrists will never tell you)

Like many people I once suffered from an almost-crippling case of plantar fasciitis.

And if you’re in the same boat then you’ve probably tried every cure available.

You’ve tried the special shoes, the anti-inflammatories and even researched your surgical options.

(And that’s not to mention the thousands you’ve spent on podiatrists and physical therapy.)

The problem with these “Cures” is that the best they can do is offer a band aid solution.

They do nothing to cure the root of your problem and in many cases can actually make your problems a lot worse.

But there is a way to overcome plantar fasciitis.

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But this was after he spent his days feeling like he was walking on broken glass.

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And after he spent thousands on bogus cures.

Don’t make his mistake.

Don’t listen to the Doctors who tell you to “Stay off your feet”

And the surgeons who say you need painful, invasive surgery (Which only has a 30-60% success rate anyway.)

This man followed his Podiatrists advice to the letter and suffered in agony for more than five years but once he discovered this miracle 5 step cure the pain was gone in day.

During this time he spent hundreds of dollars on various treatments like custom made shoes, massage, acupuncture and physical therapy.

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Not one of these so called cures actually worked

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